Advantages of Living Alone

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Sujet 1: Modé de vie actuel

It is undeniable that human is a social creature. Everyone needs to socialize with other people to be happy, however, more and more people are single and live alone. While some people choose to live that way, some others do not have a choice. Nevertheless, even people who are married sometimes want to have some privacy with their own space. In my opinion, living alone can be beneficial for three reasons: comfort, peace, and independence.

First of all, living on my own makes me comfortable because I am not dependent on anyone and I do not feel any sense of control. I can do whatever I want or go wherever I prefer without explaining why I do that or when I will come back. If I am so busy, I do not have to tidy my room, do the washing-up or the laundry. No one complains with me about that. Secondly, single life can be very peaceful. There are usually more arguments in crowded family. Therefore, my life will be pleasant and less stressful if no one argues with me. I do not have to listen to my brother’s rubbish rock music and I can turn on my favorite kind of music any time without disturbing other people. Moreover, I do not have to compete with my parents for the television. The choice of TV channels depends entirely on me. Besides, i do not have to wait to use the bathroom and enjoy long showers since no one will rush me. Finally, the most important advantage of living alone may be an ability to live independently and to be responsible for myself. I will learn how to take care of myself and learn to do things on my own like shopping for food, fixing around the house, and cooking. I should be able to not only manage bills but also save money for expensive living costs.

In conclusion, due to the rush of the noisy industrial life nowadays, a lot of people, including me, prefer a private single life. It is easier for me to make decisions of what to do because I am not under control of anybody’s. Besides, my life will be very...
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