Advantages of Having Grades K to 12

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Advantages of having grades K to 12 are: 1. Children receive an education that starts with the simplest concepts and build on them each year as they get older. 2. All children can be educated.

Disadvantages of having grades K to 12 are: 1. In a classroom setting, subjects are often separate and students do not see how one subject relates to another. 2. A classroom environment is an unnatural learning environment. 3. Students most often do not get to explore their own talents and interests

K+12 program for Philippine Basic Education: Bane or Boon?
Posted on March 19, 2011 by gailenavales
The Philippine’s basic education is one of the shortest in Asia. Despite the short span of education, too many students are dropping out of school to help augment the family’s income. Poverty is seen as a major problem of the inability of Filipino students to finish a college degree.
Adding two years in the basic education is considered additional burden by parents who are sending children to school. However, the Government deems that it is high time for the country to extend education to further hone the skills of the future generation in terms of global competitiveness. Is adding additional two years to our basic education boon or bane?

What Are K-12 Education Advantages And Disadvantages?
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Oct 10
In Philippines, education system is under low level, thus causing lot of problem within the country. To develop good education, there was the launch of K-12 education in the nation, which aims in assisting graduates to get employment without any troubles. There are international tests, congested syllabi, entrepreneurship training and reinforcement of reading aspects that led to development in employment percentage. On the other side, there are also few negative impacts created by K-12 education such as disintegration, continuous class hours and lack of faculty to handle classes efficiently.

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