Advantages of Green Engineering (Intro - 3 Paragraphs)

Topics: Earth, Sun, Global warming Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: November 11, 2009
The Advantages of Engineering

Planet Earth is getting a lot warmer due to the greenhouse effect which heats up the surface of our planet from the presence of gases in our atmosphere. These gases allow for invisible rays of energy called infrared radiation to be emitted. It is widely believed that this is happening likely because of human activity and the burning of fossil fuels. But there is also great skepticism that it may not be human created, but rather a dramatic increase in solar activity due to the increased burning of hydrogen by our sun.

There is no questioning the livelihood of this matter whether both opinions are true, or just one, we need a decrease in the harmful gas emissions around the globe. There is a big push now for the global community to start converting primitive energy to “green energy” to combat global warming. New laws are being put into place and governments are working together to insure this. There are many advantages with that of green engineering. Now that global warming in effect, planet earth could use alternative energies to power our appliances.

By reading this paper in depth, you will find out the benefits of green engineering not only for us as human beings, but for all ecosystems and life on this planet. We will compare and contrast the life for all living creatures before the current state and after. It will also go into great details about the future for green engineering discussing the wide variety of careers associated with it. Lastly, from the industrial revolution to our current time frame, this paper will give you the grimly scenarios of what could potentially happen if we continue on the polluted path that we’ve been taking.
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