Advantages of Extranet

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Advantage of extranet
Customer can access their own ID to check their own information
Reduce/low cost – extranets do not require large expenditure to train users on the technologies
Timeliness and accuracy - , reducing the number of misunderstandings within the organization as well as with business partners and customers.

advantages provided by just-in-time (JIT) systems
Manufacturing time is cut down, Better productivity, Lower Work in progress, Better supplier relationships, Cost efficient production, Defect free output

1. A data mart can substitute for a data warehouse or supplement it. Compare and discuss these options. * A data mart is a replicated subset of the data warehouse that is dedicated to a functional or regional area. In practice, companies may have a data mart for a particular operation, or they may have several data marts that work together. In this respect, data marts can substitute for a data warehouse or add to it by holding a part of the data warehouse content. In either case, end users can use the warehouse or the marts for many applications. *

2. Distinguish the term between a Web site and a Web page. * Web site contain a lot of web pages
* A web site has the short domain address, such as it is the central repository for many web pages that will be included at the end of the address after the domain name and a slash. For example, is a web page within the web site for prentice hall. * A web page is a single document stored within the web site and probably linked to other pages on the site. *

3. Assess the ways in which videoconferencing provides value to a business. * Save cost – no need to travel to have a meeting and back to own country * Save time – save the time to manage internal management in own country’s company * Phone calling is complicated – phone cost very expensive which is not local call * Can hv more than two...
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