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advantages of doing part time jobs

By agnes94 Sep 28, 2014 684 Words

YEAR 2 SEMESTER 1, 2014/2015
ID NO: 13JHD04957
TOPIC: Advantage of working part time jobs
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Topic: Advantages of working part time job
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform audience that working part-time job benefits us Central idea: Working part time can let the audience understand the value of money, get more experience, learn of responsibility and time management. Introduction

A. Part time job is a form of employment carry less time than a week of full-time work. B. Workers are considered part-time if they usually work less than 30 per week or 35 hours. C. Students like to working part time job during their school holiday. D. They feel do working part time they can learn more benefits. E. Whatever part time jobs they are doing, they are preparing for their future. F. School maybe the best place for proper education but not for preparation for the working world. Body:

(Transition: Let’s move now to my first point)
Understand the value of money
A. They are work hard to realize how difficult to earn money. They also understand that “money does not grow on a tree”. B. When we want to buy expensive clothes or shoes, we remember our parent’s hard work and think more carefully whether we should continue to spend money. C. Part time job can teach us on how to save and manage money. (Transition: Second point of this)

Can get more experience
A. They learn a lot of things through the jobs they do while they are all still studying. B. For example, a student tutor can have chance to practice to be a teacher in future; students working as sale assistants not only know about the way to sell many products but also learn the method of managing and controlling the whole business from their bosses. (Transition: Third point is)

A. Part time job is also very important for their future career. B. They personally think that they should be allowed to do some part-time job, in order to adapt to the working environment and get the lessons learned from real life. (Transition: Fourth point in this topic)

Time management
A. Employed students must learn how to work while still making time for their studies and other things. B. They will also help you gain confidence in telling the boss when they absolutely cannot work because schoolwork must come first. C. For example, they used to work about 40 hours a week but they was a full time student. It was hard to get on track of balancing everything while working eight hours a day but they was able to manage it and find use for every moment they had awake. (Transition: Fifth point of this)

Equal employment rights
A. Part time jobs have the same legal rights as full-time workers. B. Just like full-timers, part-time workers are entitled to benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay and other extras that come with the job. Conclusion

A. A part time job we can learn a lot of different knowledge and experience. B. Many parents think it is not good to do part-time job as it will lead the students to neglect their studies. C. For the reasons I have mentioned, I am going to seek a job for myself and do it with all my best to grow out of my own ebullient thought and action. Reference

Darlena Cunha, Chron, what are the benefits part time jobs for students, viewed 30 May 2014 from

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