Advantages of Computerisation

Topics: Computer, Computing, Computer data storage Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: March 7, 2011
The main advantages of computerizing the activities of business organization are as follows: Advantages:
1.Speed: Computerisation helps in processing the data placed in several data files in no time. This is possible due to the high speed of computers for processing data and CPU of the computer works at the speed of electricity which is the highest ever attainable speed. 2.Accuracy: The data processed by the computer are highly accurate. The programs written on the system checks and controls data before and during processing. It detects invalid data and ensures high degree of accuracy and reliability of output reports. 3.Flexibility: The modern digital computers can be used for a variety of purposes. E.g. online processing, multiprogramming etc. 4.Choice of Configuration: Wide ranges of peripherals are available for many computer systems, which allow business organization to select those which most suit its processing requirements. 5.Storage capacity: Large volumes of data can be conveniently stored, accessed and altered. 6.Management information: They can be used to provide useful information of management for control and decision making. 7.Data Processing: Computer has lifted the heavy data processing constraint with the manual system and has opened up new avenues for planning, control and data experimentation. 8.Volume: Computers can store volumes of data and can retrieve the desired information quickly. This is very useful in the areas like insurance, bank accounts etc where large number of documents is handled every day. 9.Database: Computer facilities the establishment of database. Such a database integrates data records and reduces data redundancy. 10.Reduction in paper work: The use of computers for data processing has helped the management of business organizations to cope with increasing problem of paper handling. The computers have speeded up the process and have eliminated the paper needs through the storage of data in elaborately...
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