Advantages of Biomass

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Natural gas, Greenhouse gas Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Advantages of Biomass energy.
People says that biomass energy do not have any different than other energy. Biomass energy just have the same amount of carbon dioxide, methane released. The most famous debate is about food and biomass energy. Large areas of crop and farm land are used for growing biomass. This cultivation of crops for fuel might just put a little to much strain on our limited resources such as water and land which could be used for food crops. This biomass energy also just not economical to produce, grow and transport biomass. This is especially true when the source of biomass is not too close to the area of processing or the methods used to process it are wasteful. This energy have a very lower fuel economy than normal fossil fuels so that it not be able to generate enough energy efficiently. This energy also a bit negligible as it depend on a seasonal crops such as corn season. The net energy produce from this energy is very low and not very efficient energy. Still need to remember there is still good effect of biomass energy. There are many advantages of using biomass energy. Biomass energy produces less methane in atmosphere. In general, methane is released by decomposition of atmosphere. Methane is very dangerous when it release into the air. This is because methane causes more greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide (la Garza, n.d). By capturing this harmful energy, we can save our atmosphere. This is a good chances to use biomass to good effect while can harvest this gas and put it to good use. Moreover, biomass energy can save the environment from being polluted. Biomass released less of nitrogen compound. Air pollution and acid rain can also be reduced if the nitrogen compound is lessen by using biomass (Advantages of biomass energy, n . d). Furthermore, biomass is a bio-degradable matter while fossil fuels contained carbon and nitrogen from million years ago that would give a negative impact on the environment as they release excessive...

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