advantages & disadvantages of computers

Topics: Mainframe computer, Personal computer, Computer Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Positive Impact of Computer -
The work can be done in very less time.
More information can be stored in small space.
Multitasking and multiprocessing capabilities of data.
Easy to access data.
Documents can be kept secret.
Error free result.
It can be used for various purposes. i.e. It can be used in any type of work. Negative Impact of Computer -
Highly expensive.
Data piracy.
Increased Unemployment.
Huge data and information can be lost sometimes.
Fast changing computer technology.
Service distribution.
Illiteracy of computing and computer
Classification of Computers According to Size
1. Super Computers

Large scientific and research laboratories as well as the government organizations have extra ordinary demand for processing data which required tremendous processing speed, memory and other services which may not be provided with any other category to meet their needs. Therefore very large computers used are called Super Computers. These computers are extremely expensive and the speed is measured in billions of instructions per seconds. 2. Main Frame Computers

The most expensive, largest and the most quickest or speedy computer are called mainframe computers. These computers are used in large companies, factories, organizations etc. the mainframe computers are the most expensive computers, they cost more than 20 million rupees. In this computers 150 users are able to work on one C.P.U. The mainframes are able to process 1 to 8 bits at a time. They have several hundreds of megabytes of primary storage and operate at a speed measured in nano second. 3. Mini Computers

Mini computers are smaller than mainframes, both in size and other facilities such as speed, storage capacity and other services. They are versatile that they can be fitted where ever they are needed. Their speeds are rated between one and fifty million instructions per second (MIPS). They have...
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