Advantages and Disadvantages of a Long Distance Relationship

Topics: Significant Other, Love, Anxiety Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: April 7, 2013
“Distance makes the heart grow fonder”… at least that’s what they say. The amounts of long distance relationships are growing in young couples. Do long distance relationships really work?
“Out of sight out of mind,” or can this be irrelevant when love is in the equation? Can the amount of love you have for a person keep them in your mind when their absent or not? It could depend on the type of long distance relationship: prolonged distance such as a long vacation, or living apart not being able to see each other a long duration of time.

Being in a long distance relationship, I know that the lack of affection is one of the hardest parts. Life changing moments can happen in the blink of an eye, and in those moments the lack of your significant other can be difficult. Her words can be great but they only mean so much. While his hugs, are so simple but they can do so much for a persons’ emotions. Being in a long distance relationship requires you to be strong on your own, while you hope and help your significant other be strong on their side. Without both sides, where is the relationship?

Communication is key. Schedules will probably be different, and time differences could be possible. Not knowing the next time you will talk or see your significant other can be one of the hardest parts: siting next to your phone all day checking it even when it doesn’t ring “just incase”. It helps to know these things so you can look forward to it. Having set times that you will talk and see each other may be the best way. Communication is hard when it’s only through technology. Fights can happen easily when you can’t hear the sarcasm of his voice or see the expression on her face. It helps to know their personality well enough to know what their really saying. Being hard headed is not an option in a long distance relationship. Talk. Talk. Talk. Though you are not physically with your other half you can learn so much more about them through talking it can even make a...
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