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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Uniforms.

By UgneBa Feb 24, 2013 297 Words
At various schools all over the world, a lot of pupils are obligated to wear uniforms. At some schools it is a duty connected with old tradition, at others decision about wearing them depends on principal or students’ parents or even pupils do not have to wear them. Let us consider advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniforms.

The first advantage of wearing uniforms is fact that everyone looks the same. As a result students cannot boast about their clothes. What is more, in the school surrounding, there are always numerous poorer children, whose parents are not able to buy them stylish clothes, because of low earnings. Therefore, equal clothing make them feel better and they are not point out by others students. Besides this, uniforms undoubtedly become a characteristic element of each school, which distinguish it from other schools. Consequently, all the students are recognized and they are aware of the unity, which they create.

However, opponents of uniforms claim that wearing them limits freedom of creating your own style. Thus, it kills developing students’ individualities and does not allow to express themselves. Furthermore, if the uniforms are forced, students will not want to wear them. For this reason at schools might quickly appear rebellion and other problems. Finally, contrary to popular belief, uniforms are not always inexpensive. Every student needs to buy more than one full complement of clothing, which can be hard for families of modest means.

To put it briefly, forcing uniforms at schools is neither good nor bad solution. It helps to overcome financial differences between students and integrate them, at the same time being a symbol of each school. In spite of these facts, wearing uniforms also hinders developing of creativity and originality and is a reason of numerous mental problems.

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