Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling Alone

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Tour means to travel round. Different people make tour for different purposes. Hence, we her the names like touring officer, touring court, touring cinema and so on. Some people tour by train or bus. Some tour by motorcars. Some by bicycles. But there are some who like tour on foot. Their tour is the walking tour. Whilst traveling with friends or organised groups is fairly common, by choice or by necessity many people travel alone. Traveling alone is a unique experience and can be a very rewarding way of traveling. Traveling alone is not uncommon and most solo travelers are able to meet other travelers at hostels, bars, organised tours or any place where travelers tend to hang out. Advantages to traveling alone:

* Your time and budget are your own!
* It's easier to make friends with the locals.
* More space to make your trip entirely your own. Solo travel can be a great opportunity for reflection and moving at an individual pace. Traveling by yourself, you only have to please yourself. * You will be far more flexible than non-solo travelers, and may find it easier to cope with unexpected setbacks and complications. There's nobody to blame you for your own gaffes, after all! Disadvantages to traveling alone:

* There's nobody to watch your back. And there's no one to watch the luggage while you go buy train tickets. You have to carry all your gear yourself. * It's more expensive, as there is no one to share costs with. Rooms are usually about the same price for one or for two. You'll need to budget a little bit more. * You don't have any social proof.

* You may experience moments of loneliness.

In ancient times great tourists like Hentasang and Fahien took to walking tour. Even now, there are people who like the tour by walking. However, we should not take to conveyances where to tour by walking will serve our purpose better.
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