Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Education vs Online Education

Topics: Orthography, International Phonetic Alphabet, Portmanteau Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: July 23, 2013
Lesson Plan for Week 6thChairlynn N. Samuel
Topic: English
Grade:2nd Grade
Benchmark: 1 Recognize and produce English sounds
Standard: 1. Speak fluency and listen with understanding
Objectives: To generate the short vowel sound of u. 85% of class will generate the sound of u, 50% accuracy. * To build words using known letters and sounds 85% of class will build words by using known letters and sounds.50% accuracy * To read simple, regular words.85% of class will spell and read simple and regular words,50% accuracy Materials: Letter cards, picture card, practice paper, Big Book, word builder card, pocket chart, Anticipatory set: Oral language: Introduce the day: I will tell students that today they will listen to the book Where Does the Brown Bear Go? Guide them in generating a message about places where people and animals sleep. Ask * What kind of animals might sleep in a pond?

* Does anyone in our family sleep in a crib? Who?
* Where do you sleep?
* I will write the message on the board, and ask volunteer to write previously taught letters, words or punctuation to reinforce skills. I will read the message to focus on selected skills that have been previously taught. Input: Sharing literature: Listen and Respond: I will display the big book and review the name of the author and illustrator. I will read the story and encourage children to join in with the parts they know. Talk about how these repeating word and phrases help them know what is happening in the story. * Phonemic awareness: Remind children of the monkey in the big book they already read. I will say the word monkey, emphasizing the initial phoneme /m/. Ask students what sound they hear at the beginning of the words (/m/) I will say the names of animals from the big book and ask students to say the sound they hear at the beginning of the word. ( cow) /k/ ( goat) /g/ ( seagull) /s/ ( dog ) /d/ ( lamb) /l/ * Focus on ( /u/) tell children that I will say...
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