Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, England Pages: 3 (459 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The costs of international travel are
decreasing and tourism is growing.
What are the advantages and
disadvantages of increasing tourism
activity in different countries?
Nowadays more and more people are
becoming aware of the decrease in
the expenses of travelling and hence
tourism is booming. Although many
may see this as a positive
phenomenon, it is not a trend
without drawbacks. Both the pros and
cons of the rapidly growing tourism
activity will be discussed in this essay.
It is believed that tourism is playing an
important part in the economy of
different countries and it also helps to
open the minds of both visitors as
well as domestic people. Firstly, a host
country will receive a huge amount of
foreign currency in form of the money
visitors bring to this country. Actually,
many of today societies, especially
those of developing countries, have to
depend on tourism to develop.
Secondly, international travelling is a
way to exchange cultures between
different countries and bring news to
many places. For example, in rural
areas and mountainous regions of
Cambodia, not so far from now,
people used to be self-sufficient and
their lives so relied on agriculture. If
the rice grows well, they have enough
food to eat and to store; but if the rice
does not grow well due to bad
weather, then the people may starve
to death. Thing is not hard as it used
to now because the people can have
another source of income which
comes from tourism. Locals started
making souvenirs and sell them to
visitors and have money to buy food
and other necessary stuff that they
can not produce. Also, from the
activity the local people do in their
everyday life, tourists can learn a lot
about their culture which is the
greatest benefit from tourism.
However, many people often criticize
tourism for its negative impacts on the
environment and on the nature of the
places. Take my hometown for
instance, it used to be well-known for
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