Advantages and Disadvantages of Networks

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A computer network can be identified as a group of devices that are interconnected for sharing data between them or their users. Their advantages and disadvantages mainly depend on the type of network and their wide variety. the main purpose of networking computers is the ability to exchange data and communicate efficiently.

One of the major advantages of networking computers is the ability to Share Files, Data and Information. This is beneficial for large organizations to maintain their data in an organized manner and facilitate access for desired people. It is also very easy to communicate through a network. A group of people can communicate efficiently using a network. They can enjoy the benefit of emails, instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing, chat rooms, and many more. Another advantage of networks are the ability to share hardware. like a printer, it can be shared among the users in the network for them to use and by doing this a company won't have the need to buy a new printer or hardware. Reducing the cost of purchasing hardware.

One major disadvantage of networks are when the server has an issue this will cause the breakdown of the whole network . Thousands or maybe millions of dollars are lost each year cause of breakdowns in networks. Security threats are always problems with large networks. There are hackers who are trying to steal valuable data of large companies for their own benefit. building networks are also expensive.

Although there are some disadvantage of networks it is already vital for the environment today. With the technology keeps evolving at this rate sooner or later those disadvantages will be dissolve and there are already alot of ways to prevent network breakdown and hacking with just the right knowledge. Therefore networking is very helpful in daily life today and it can be used in different ways even though there are some problems but it is trumped over by the amount of advantages.
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