advantages and disadvantages of livind forever

Topics: Immortality, Life, Death Pages: 1 (489 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Essay : What age you would choose to be if you could stay the same age forever ? Appearance Health Daily routine Health

Independence WinsdomDo you really want to live forever, forever and ever? What’s the use of everlasting life if we can’t maintain a youthful spirit? Better to die with a hopeful eye on the future than to have such a long empty difficult life though eternity. To begin with ,if most of us one day have the opportunity to extend our lives indefinitely, how will that change the dynamics of society and culture? A typical person living to 80 years of age goes through several dramatic changes in his lifetime: his opinions and attitudes change, his interests, his friends, his career, sometimes even how he remembers the past. Imagine how much change would take place in a thousand years of life! We wouldn’t be a shadow of the persons we once were. The idea of living forever remains locked to science-fiction. I believe there are many different aspects to take into consideration . Secondly let’s have a look at the advantages. I think that one key benefit to being around forever would be the experience gained during this eternity. Anything and everything on our list of "to-do"could be completed - whether that would be traveling to far-off destinations and around theworld, experiencing exotic tastefull foods or sleeping 20 hours a day.Another positive , at least for most people , would be the ability to experience the future. Aneternal being could experience the future technologies. With each new discovery that shakesthe fields of science, we would be there.Learning, educating and absorbing information daily takes up lots of time. With a life ofeternity, we could learn endlessly. We could learn as many languages as we wanted and wecould read every book that has ever been on our "to-do" lists.On the other side, one would have to factor in the mental...
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