Advantages and Disadvantages of iPad on disabled people

Topics: Special education, Education, Resource room Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: November 10, 2013
iPads especially helpful for special-needs students

According to Williams (2012), IPad is used to communicate to his teachers that he is hungry, and would like pizza and chicken nuggets for lunch by Steven Moshuris, 7, a second-grader at Belle View Elementary School in Fairfax County, who has autism. An iPad app that furnishes with various notes and video interviews with scholars is used by students in Jennifer Sherman’s 11th-grade English Class at the Lab School of Washington, a private school for students with learning disabilities. Besides, iPad is used by students in one of Joy Long’s seventh-grade science classes at Charles Carroll Middle School in Prince George’s County where seventy percent of the students in that class have a learning disability to make a video call to a math teacher in another room to find the average distance a toy car travelled in five trials. Jennifer Durham, the elementary curriculum coordinator at Lab School said that the iPads are engaging because there’s instant feedback and it’s easy to operate and can read to them if they need it to read to them. Science teacher Long used an app called eClicker “to level the playing field” to know who is get=tting the answers right, and who needs assistance more, without anyone else in the class knowing. According to school officials, tablets allow students to work at their own pace and with a level of privacy formerly unheard of in classroom. Stigma that often comes with being a special-education student can be removed.

Breaking Down Barriers: iPad helpful tool for special-needs students

According to Calabro (2013), Nadia, a bright athletic 12-year-old, walked into classroom equipped with iPads when started her academic year at PACE school in Churchill the last week of August. Maggie Zimmer, director of special education and student services for Norwin School District in Westmoreland County said that he’s not sure Apple knew the iPad would be so good for education and everyone now...
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