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Advantages and disadvantages of having a part time job

By mbarakfahad Dec 02, 2013 633 Words
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Student's name : Mubarak Fahad Alhabshan

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Group : H

Topic : The advantages and disadvantages of having a part time job.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a part-time job.

Many students work while attending university for many different reasons. It can be difficult to balance work and school, but it can certainly be done .Actually, there are many advantages such as earning money, gaining new experiences, and developing your organizing and time management skills. However, you should take into account some disadvantages. For instance, the lack of time and stress. Generally speaking, students can benefit a lot from part-time jobs.

The first advantage of having a part time job is that students can earn much needed money. Taking a part-time job means students can pay a part of their living cost, and at the same time relieve their parents of their burden. Some young people have to earn money on their own to pay for tuition while others just earn money to pay for their expenditure or satisfy their desires. Moreover, earning money also helps students to have a sense of independence. It is great when you earn your own money while not having to rely on others to give it to you.

Another advantage of having a part time job is that students can acquire more experiences and polish their skills. For example, if someone enjoys teaching, working part-time as a tutor may help him or her improve their teaching skills and gain experiences. Many schools require student teaching experience as a part of the curriculum.

Part time jobs can help students develop their organizational and multi-tasking skills. They will have to get used to holding a job and attend the university simultaneously. It gives them the chance to learn about time management. Working will force a person to complete work ahead of schedule and learn to manage their time appropriately. According to the article “5 Time Management Tips for Working Students”, there are some simple ways to manage your time easily. Cutting down the time you waste on the internet and social media sites, and limiting social activities are all some ways help manage one's time efficiently making them more successful. On the contrary, there are some disadvantages, too. First of all, students that participate in part-time jobs will lack time to focus on studying. There is a high possibility that students will have trouble finding time to study. It is obvious that if you have a job, you automatically have less time to do the rest of your duties. Students taking part-time jobs are busy running between their work place and the university .As a result, they get exhausted, and may even skip classes to take a nap after a long day of hard work. Moreover, they may experience stress due to a difficult or time-consuming project. Also, it can endanger their health mentally and physically. Physically, if a person puts too much pressure on his body his body will not be able to handle that pressure and it will result in a physical injury. Also if a person puts too much on his mind (in this case thinking about the part-time job chores and school projects etc.) will eventually end up in putting his mental health to risk. In conclusion, not everything in life comes easy. Maintaining a job while attending school is not for everyone. A self-motivated and well-organized person will find it easier to balance work and school, while non-motivated and well-organized people will have a very hard and stressful time. So all of us should think twice before taking part-time jobs. And when we take it, we need to make sure that we know our priorities. Knowing our priorities is key to the success of taking on additional responsibilities such as part-time jobs.

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