: Advantages and Disadvantages of Drugs Usage

Topics: Drug addiction, Adolescence, Drug Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: October 13, 2012
: Advantages and Disadvantages of Drugs Usage
Good morning to our teacher Pn. Devi and our friends. I am chien yen. I am Wan Yi. We are honoured to give a talk on advantages and disadvantages of drug usage.
I probably don’t have to work very hard to get people to see that there really is no right time, place, or situation to try drugs, but I’m going to try anyway. There are several different reasons why teens might turn to drugs .One of them could be that they just want to be social and have fun. Usually, it is in a social setting that teens first try drugs. The “teen years” is when most adolescents do their experimenting with different things, and this could also be another reason why they might try drugs. They also might be mislead to think that addiction couldn’t happen to them, so “I can stop whenever I want” is often an excuse. Another reason could be that they want to seem mature, or cool. Many teens think that using drugs make them seem more grown-up and confident, but in fact, it shows just how immature they are. By giving into peer pressure and not being able to think for themselves, the only thing they prove is that they are naïve.

Everybody knows that parents are big influence in child’s life, but sometimes children might feel pressured or controlled by their parents and decide to rebel against them. Using drugs is a very common way of rebelling because the parents might not even know that it’s going on right under their noses. School, friends, relationships, and many other things could also be adding to the stress of teens today, and the pressure alone might drive them to drugs because they think it’s comforting. The truth is that it adds more stress to their lives in the long run.

There are many dangers that come along with drug use. The greatest danger is death, but there are several other risks and consequences that should definitely be taken into consideration. Drugs can cause addiction, brain damage, liver failure, and many other serious...
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