Advantages and Disadvantages of Competition

Topics: Employment, Competition Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Advantages and disadvantages of competition

The question of whether competition brings out advantages or disadvantages is the tocpic of numerous studies. Some people assert that it helps the world to develop, others argue that it ruin people's relationship. The aim of this essay will be to reflect on the pros and cons of competition.

The benefits of competition are plentiful. Individually, competing is the motivation for employees to try their best to realise their ambitions, such as knocking one's opponent out to promote in his career, due to which, he can get higher salary and statue in community. Socially, once employees compete together to be in a good books of their employers, management will get better results from them in work matters. Therefore, the company will run effectively because of better quality of work.

Having said that, rivalry also brings about some drawbacks. Individually, employees may be under pressure on the ground that they reckon that they must try harder and harder. Thus, their health can be affected negatively. Moreover, negative competition can result in one's bringing down another employee with some dirty tricks to lower that employee in manager's eyes. Socially, in one company, when people rival together, they may not feel sympathetic towards their colleagues or help others to complete team work, which can lead to the fact that team spirit may be worse as each employee would envy to the other's motives.

Taking everything into consideration, it can be claimed that rivalry do not also bring out merits but also stumbling blocks. However, Cooperative spirit among people is essential to make profits. In my opinion, its benefits really outweigh its detriments.
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