Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Member of a Fraternity

Topics: Fraternities and sororities, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greek alphabet Pages: 12 (4636 words) Published: January 11, 2013
By: Arsenio Unajan Baquilid
I am a founding member of a fraternity. As such, I can consider myself having adequate exposures on the life of this type of organization. To begin with, let me emphasize that a fraternity or sorority is a choice of a lifestyle for a lifetime. It has a strong influence on one’s personality. It can make or unmake a person. I have heard of many arguments against being a fraternity/sorority member. Some are true and some are not. Perhaps it would not be amiss to mention that there are organizations of this kind that had been reported of wrong doings that others had even been proven to have transgressed the law. But that doesn’t mean that all fraternities/sororities are that no good. That actually depends on the kind of fraternity/sorority you are in. Hence, if you are interested in joining a fraternity/sorority, it’s wise for you to critically choose one that will fit to your liking. It is unfortunate however, that non-fraternity/sorority people are making sweeping statements which are unfair to these organizations in general. Many had the impression that fraternity/sorority is only an excuse for hanging out, partying, drinking session, or meeting boys or girls, or for whatever it is you’re into. But these are unkind words because they are not true to all fraternities/sororities. The truth of the matter is that there are fraternities or sororities that pride themselves on academic performance, extra-curricular activities, leadership development, community service, and many other achievements. Actually, the organization is a venue where you can practice the full development of an integrated personality. You and I may have different impressions and experiences about fraternity/sorority. But I am pretty sure that your membership to the organization has influenced your life. I do hope it is for good. But fraternity or sorority is not just for everyone. So, please do not rush joining one. You may have a personality type that does not fit to the life of the organization. Or the kind of fraternity/sorority you are joining may not be the right one for you. Find out the image of the organization in the campus and inquire about its members. Check if you like yourself to be more or less like them. Use your good judgment. Consider that being a fraternity or sorority member is a choice of lifestyle not just for college life but for a lifetime. Let me rephrase, it’s important! It is not just for fun or meeting new friends. It’s about rebuilding your personality and creating a big family. Suffice it to say, there’s nothing wrong in making fun and meeting people. We are all social human beings. Remember the saying, “No man is an island.” What is only needed is the correct balancing of your time and setting priorities. In the light of being a founding member of a fraternity, it is therefore my desire to share my knowledge and experiences with many people as possible with the hope that they may pick-up some lessons for a better appreciation of what fraternity or sorority is all about. To the students in the tertiary level who are qualified to become fraternity/sorority members, this article will help you decide whether or not to join a fraternity or sorority; after all to be involved in this organization is a serious matter to think about during your college life. And to parents, reading this article will make you more reasonable in dealing with your children who are about to enter college studies. Chapter One

What is a Fraternity or Sorority
Fraternity or sorority is social, professional, or honorary societies for males and females, respectively. The goal is to instantiate in the wider community the sorts of feelings for each other, and the sorts of behavior towards each other, that brothers and sisters are taken to have or display ( Like my fraternity, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Philippines (ΣAE...
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