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Health and well-being

Health: a person’s mental or physical condition/ the state of your health being free from illness of injury. To maintain good health you can drink a lot of water and also eat healthy to maintain a good overall health. This is because the body requires these two to function well and properly. On the other hand some things can lead to an overall bad health, to avoid getting bad health you can exercise and also not smoke. This is because not exercising and smoking can affect your health hugely. There are other things that can contribute to your health such as going to bed at a reasonable time. This is because you will be getting the right amount of sleep your body will need to fulfil tasks in day to day life such as work. Getting the amount of sleep has a massive effect on your health due to people having a physical working job therefore need to have extra hours of sleep to recharge the body. When you have drugs and alcohol this can have a have a very big negative affect on your health due to the drugs and alcohol having an impact on your mental state and physical state due to the possibility of not being fit to care for your children and also you could possibly lose your job which will also affect your health because you will no longer have the right amount of money to care for yourself.

Well-being: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. To maintain good well-being you can engage in more activities to help you achieve a good social life. Having a good social life helps your well-being because it stops you from being depressed. Well-being can also be when you are doing an activity what makes you feel relaxed such as listening to music or even playing video games. You can also have an impact on your well-being due to starting to do an activity for your enjoyment. Eg: joining a gym this will affect your well-being simply because after you are improving your body this can help you feel more confident in yourself. In reality your well-being is something that makes you more comfortable for example even being organised can have a massive affect on your well-being because you then will be able to sort out the work you have and also other things you have to keep such as bank statements. Having a bad well-being affects your overall mood, this can come from simple things such as being bored and also not being active, doing these simple things could have an impact on your well-being because when you are active you are more reasonably not going to be bored, when you are bored you seem not to concentrate and also you seem not to be motivated. When these things are continuous it could affect your work due to you may not being motivated to do it.

Advantages and disadvantages


1. Some therapies can diagnose problems; examples of therapies that can do this are acupuncture and aromatherapy. Acupuncture can diagnose problems by looking at the quality of a pulse at certain locations of the body also acupuncture can diagnose skin problems and also if there’s certain things wrong with the body this then leads then to curing the problems. The problems acupuncture can cure are back pain and depression. Aromatherapy can diagnose problems by touching and feeling the body to if there are problems with the skin or muscle while performing an aromatherapy massage this can diagnose that there are problems within the body. This therapy can diagnose skin problems such as eczema. Diagnosing problems can help your health and wellbeing by detecting problems that you might have. This especially appeals to improving your health because you will be able to detect problems that you have/could have in the future therefore giving you the ability to prevent the illness in the foreseeable future.

2. Complementary therapies are used to relax people from what problems they have for example depression. To cure depression you can use acupuncture, this is by the needles in acupuncture being...
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