Advantages and Disadvantages of Dubai Museum

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Research was conducted through distributing questionnaires to the visitors of the Dubai museum. The findings illustrated that the advantages of the location showed that it was easy to locate, and is located near the metro station. However, findings have also showed that the parking spaces at the Dubai museum are limited and lanes are more congested making it harder for other vehicles and tour buses to reach the museum.


To identify the advantages and disadvantages of the Dubai museum location.

To identify the different implications of visiting patterns.

To exhibit the findings from the research taken and recommendations to improve the location of the Dubai museum.


Dubai is known for its huge malls, ideal looking hotel and its gleaming skyscrapers; nonetheless, Bur Dubai maintains its culture and history (TVtrip, Bastakiya, 2013). Dubai museum is one of the most attractable historical monuments in Dubai with the aim of presenting a culture and a traditional way of life in the past. It is located in Al- Fahidi Fort, which is a landmark in the Gulf as well as the United Arab Emirates. Al Fahidi Fort subsisted to protect the city against any incursions; therefore, the Dubai Museum presents several dimensions of the region's ethnicity before oil was found (TVtrip, Bastakiya, 2013). The location also plays an important role in find some key elements, which may have effects on the museum. Therefore, analyzing the location would help the museum to find the best solution to improve the museum and increase an amount of visitors. As management perspectives, this report examines strengths and weakness of the location while highlighting benefits of visiting Dubai museum in order to identify a number of visitors coming and returning to the museum frequently.

Museums are a place where people are able to see ethnicity, antiquity and originality. People are curious and want to gain knowledge of different people and cultures. The architecture of a museum is very important and it gives an insight into our history and the way a civilisation lived in the past (TVtrips, Hotels near: Dubai Museum, 2013). Al Fahidi Fort was built in 1799 and is a monument as it is a link between our history and our future. The Dubai museum is located close to Bastakiya, which is one of the oldest heritage places in Dubai (Virtual Tourists, Souqs, 2013); it presents an appealing indication of what Dubai previously looked like as it is filled with customary pizza houses and traditional wind towers (Virtual Tourists, Dubai Museum, Dubai, 2013). The walk from Bastakiya to the Dubai museum is approximately 130 meters, which is a two-minute walk (Google Maps, 2013).

The Dubai museum is located near seven worldwide known hotels and they are: Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa, Orient Guest House, Regent Palace Hotel, Desert Rose Hotel Apartments, Horizon Holiday Apartments, Nova Hotel and Royal Mirage Residence and Spa (Plus. Google, 2013). According to the primary research conducted, there are numerous tourists that stay at hotels close to the Dubai museum in order to experience Dubai's authenticity and culture. Furthermore, the results show that 88% of tourists and residents found the Dubai museum easy to locate.

The reason for which the Dubai museum was set up in Al Fahidi fort was due to its surroundings and background. For instance, the residents of the vicinity can interact with the tourists, therefore, the tourist are given a vivid depiction of the authentic cultural experience. The location of the museum has been a very significant to its surroundings and heritage. Because of it's location, the Dubai museum is set in a culturally based area that is far from the advancement of infrastructure but set in a place where people are being presented of how Dubai was back then where it's...
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