Advantages and Challenges of Youth Now and Past

Topics: Youth, Present, Future Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Young people hold the key to society’s future. In 20th century as well as now or far away, young people are always self-motivated, creative and skilful, they can grasp all the changes in life. They are faced with many challenges and also opportunities of being a success person. However, in the other ages, there are many different problems which young people always get them with a positive attitude. There are many advantages and challenges which both young people nowadays and that of their counterparts in the past must face to face. There are many relationships in a society. Young people both nowadays and in the past must be adaptation with all of them. We progressively expand the relationship with other classes in the society. A second way in which young people nowadays and in the past are similar is that they always find the fastest way to get the news and communicate together. Thirdly, every people have a family and they always encourage us in a whole life. Likewise, even you have to live in any ages you must have work, earn money. However,advantages and challenges always come together. It mainly is the pressure of expectation. Some people think that young people are always expected to act, speak and dress in a certain way. They often have concern about their future such as what to do when they leave school, what to be like, and what to satisfy their people around, especially their parents. Some people may not disagree with this idea because they claimed that in the past the youth also have the same pressure as the young today. Because of more high standard quality of society, the youth have to try harder to be accepted in. Even though past and now are both the life in Vietnam, they are strikingly different in many ways. For example: The life in Vietnam in recent years has changed extremely. These changes could be observed in all spheres of life and effect people of all ages and social layers. Vietnam has joined the Common Market and also...
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