Advantages and Barriers of Mobile Phone

Topics: Mobile phone, Health, Ethics Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Mobile phone have transformed the way we live, communicate and do business. Mobile phone can also be caused social and medical problem. Do you think advantages out way the disadvantages?
Give example and relevant info.

Vast technology in communication world has made mobile phone important gadgets for 21st century. Now a day it is very rare to see people not having a mobile phone and it shows mobile phone playing an important role in everyday life. Through mobile phone, communication between people become fast, easier and cheaper especially people in different countries. For business purpose, important event such as meeting and discussion can be held through mobile phone that is much more efficient and cost effective. While in emergency situation, we can easily reach emergency help line or the loved ones through mobile phone. In the past, we need map for travelling but nowadays mobile phone can be use as navigator or to check the weather forecast. Despite all the above, mobile phone still cannot eliminate its disadvantages. Communicate with mobile phone behind steering wheel can cause a serious crime because it’s not only dangerous to the driver itself but also people surrounding. In 2009, a report stated that more than 45 countries already banned using mobile phone while driving. Other than that enhanced technology allows the transmission of pictures and videos through mobile phone that is offensive and inappropriate that can create unhealthy atmosphere among youngster. This can lead to immoral ethic and can cause social problem in our society. Mobile phone can also give impact to human health such as cancer, hearing capability, sleeping disorder and blurring vision. Even though all the above matter still not proven scientifically from medical perspective but we cannot ignore the possible consequences. It is crucial that in every aspect mobile phone makes our life easier. However we still cannot ignore the negative impact in our society. We...
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