Advantage of Using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business

Topics: Wi-Fi, Internet, Wireless access point Pages: 4 (1141 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Advantage of using Wi-Fi in Hotel BusinessJoker Ling
Nowadays, Wi-Fi becomes a critical role in Hotel Business. As you know that, in today’s digitally connected world, all PC’s have Wi-Fi and an estimated 85% of mobile phone also has built in the Wi-Fi. In addition, guests in Hotel desire for access to the Internet during their stay continue to be strong. In the following, I will briefly describe about the advantage of using Wi-Fi in Hotel Business.

First, I would like to tell you the advantage of hotel when using Wi-Fi service. For Hotel Business, it can save the time to do the reservation process. As Hotel staffs can use mobile Wi-Fi application to securely access administration and reservation tools from everywhere to do the reservation. Besides, Wi-Fi can allow staffs to take orders for foods, beverage or other amenities around the range of the Access Point. Access Point can cover an area in the restaurant to provide wireless internet access. Also, it can be interconnected and extend the coverage of the wireless connection. Moreover, Wi-Fi can help to reduce the cost of network establishment and expansion as Wi-Fi router is not same as the internet cable that needs to install into the wall.

In order to ensure high levels of service, good communications become very important in hotel business nowadays. As Wi-Fi is a wireless system and it can help hotel employees keep everything running smoothly by using wireless voice communication. If it had anything happened during the e.g. reservation, staff can use Wi-Fi services to connect with their manager as soon as possible in order to solve the problem. Besides, Wi-Fi installations can eliminate most of these headaches as it has no equipment is installed in the guestrooms. Hotels can provide Wi-Fi service in guest rooms and common areas for free. In addition, room access during installation is required only for signal testing purposes. Now, I would like to tell you the advantage of guests when using...
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