Advantage of Online-Booking Reservation in Hotel Establishments

Topics: Hotel, Hotels, Cagayan de Oro City Pages: 19 (4586 words) Published: October 15, 2012

A Research Paper Presented to The College of Hotel and Restaurant Management St. Michael’s College Iligan City
In the Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Subject Research Proposal

May Ann B. Arcay Mareil V. Maambong Junley T. Pulmones

October 2012
Chapter 1
Does online-booking reservation in hotel establishment really gives benefits to the customers? Nowadays, some of us love to travel around the world but the first thing that comes to our mind is the availability of room accommodation of the hotel. The hotel is a lodging establishment providing meals and other services that could give satisfaction to the guest. Hotel reservations are done prior to the arrival of the guest in order to avail the room type that he had made prior arrangement. Recently, hotel establishments are offering online-booking reservation to facilitate the customers and to get the complete details of the chosen accommodation of their preference.

As the technology goes wider, the internet is the key to make business transaction to the hotel of their choice. With the help of online hotel reservation system, booking arrangements are made fast and easy by the use of the customers’ credit card or online banking services.

However, while online booking has increased the range of offers available, there are also some emerging worries due to examples of unfair commercial practices related to such reservations. In this study we will examine the enhancement of policies and the relevant rules under the online booking reservation in Hotel Establishments. As students of HRM, we find this study relevant to our career. After graduation, we intend to pursue our dreams by working in the hotel industry. In so doing, we the researchers would be confident and competent as Sales and Marketing personnel and Front Office department in hotel establishment.

This study is expected to be finished this coming second semester of Academic Year 2012-2013.

Theoretical Framework
According to Starkov and Price, (2007), most hotels have already established their own websites to facilitate promotion and reservations on the web predicted that at least one-third of all hotel bookings will be completed online in the year 2010. But according to Cobanoglu (2008), travelers still use online travel as their favorite reservation resource followed by toll-free reservation numbers, and then calling the hotel directly. The experts predict that within several years the Internet will be one of the most important sources for hotel reservations and services; it is intriguing that the current customers still prefer using traditional methods which are more costly and inefficient. Although travelers are increasingly sophisticated in their technological interactions, they may avoid the online reservation system if they feel uncomfortable, even when the benefits are obvious. (Meuter et al., 2003) Hence, despite the growing online market, hotels are still searching for an efficient way to persuade travelers to reserve rooms directly through the hotel online reservations.

In response to this paper, it identifies and analyses the important factors that affect hotel customers’ online reservation intention in...

Bibliography: Book
Carino, Celia E., 2008, “The Hospitality Industry”, pg
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