Advantage of College Life

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Advantages of College Life
I. Attention Grabber
Let me tell you a story about myself, before I came to TARC, I had joined the gangster in my hometown. The life of gangster, I can use a word to describe it irritate. Why? Because I have to always take care of my life if not I will die at anytime and in anywhere, even worst is if you get killed there was no body will know where is the dead body at. Besides that, I also have been smart to take care subordinate or brothers make sure that they are saved. It is quite enjoy at that moment. But after form four, I decided to quit the gangster life and focus more on my study. Finally I successes get a good result in SPM, so I came here, TARC to continue my study in Mechatronics. The importance is do you guys know why suddenly I have change my mind thinking and focus on my study. It is because I realize that there are more advantages of college life than gangster life.

II. Reveal Topic
Today, I would like to talk about some advantage of college life.

III. Relevance Statement
College is an institution of higher learning that grants the bachelor's degree in liberal arts or science or both. Besides that, we also can say that it is student’s second home. In college, everyone act just like a big family, for example lecturer just like student’s father or mother, because they so take care their student. And among the student they just like brothers and sisters, who always helping each other. Actually college life just as a life at home but sometimes it may be relaxed than home life.

IV. Preview
Benefit of College life:
1. Meet more Friends.
2. Gain more Knowledge.
3. Self-development


I. College life can meet more friends.
To meet more friends is importance task in our life, because you can survive without any friends as you are living in society. Besides, meet more friends can help you increase your society circle, so that next time you need help will be...
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