Advances in Computer Tech

Topics: Mobile phone, Battery, Integrated circuit Pages: 3 (1243 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Advances in Computer Technology Mid-Term
Computer Programming II
Every day there are people and companies working on the next big advancement in the technology sector of our vast economy. There are people working on things varying from how small the chip in your phone can go or how long they can make that battery last on a single charge. These advances are ever coming and seemingly endless. This may be far from true but every day there are many hard working people developing ways to make sure you can have as much processing power as current super computers in your house by 2018. These advances are going to happen and they are going at a steady pace, this generation of processors will be outdated before this time next year with a set of more efficient, lower nanometer, smaller die size and possibly higher clock speed ones. All of this speed doesn’t go to waste either, in the case of Intel going from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge there was a major reduction in power consumption as well as built in virus security on the chip(Courtesy of the buyout of McAfee Security some years back).

Technology is always advancing in every corner of the industry there is always someone trying to make the next big thing that you would least expect to see or couldn’t even imagine. A recent invention, a display built into a contact lens. The idea may seem pointless at this point but it is far from market and the applications are said to be far reaching and may replace your cell phone, putting a whole to new meaning to “Retina Display” coined by Apple Inc. The current outlook is for medical uses and recreation such as the display and changing the color of your eyes. There are still many years of hard work ahead of this device but the potential is there and funding will be coming for it. There are many more examples of companies and individuals working on advancing things such as batteries and processors. A company has been in the works of a battery they say will charge 10...
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