Advancement In Science And Technology Must Not Violate Our Code Of Ethics

Topics: Hwang Woo-Suk, Ethics, Science Pages: 2 (1086 words) Published: March 8, 2015
Advancement in science and technology must not violate our code of ethics Advancements in science and technology have experienced tremendous growth and development in recent times. Every day, new breakthroughs are being made in many areas of science, including stem cell research and even genetic engineering. They are very promising areas of science. Stem cell research has the potential to cure many diseases that are currently incurable and might be terminal. Genetic engineering might hold the key to solving food shortage issues that the world is currently facing. In the field of technology, this mainly is regarding the growth of artificial intelligence, encompassing bots, robots, machines and even artificial devices that are able to compute. With the rapid advancements in science and technology, many critics feel that it has progressed too fast and are on the verge of violating our code of ethics. This is definitely an area of concern and advancements in science and technology should not and must not violate our code of ethics. Ethics is a set of believes that helps us, as humans, to decide right from wrong. The interpretations of ethics depend on the beliefs of different types of people. Although science and technology might be able to flourish and produce benefits for man if it is allowed to violate our code of ethics, in the long run, violating our code of ethics might cause advancements in science and technology to lose its purpose and direction and might result in people misusing the technology. Firstly, ethics is needed to ensure that advancement in science and technology does not lose its purpose. The purpose of science is to benefit human beings. It is supposed to be used to find means to solve problems that we face. This is the basic purpose that science and technology works towards. Stem cell research could help millions of people who are affected by diseases that can be cured using this technology and new technologies have allowed us to do things more...
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