Advanced Java

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Advanced Java


There are numerous good computer languages. There are relatively few languages with the momentum to make a real difference in software development. Java is one of those languages. The developers of Java had a chance to look at existing computer languages and address their deficiencies. Coming ten years after the introduction of C++, Java takes advantages of vast improvements in hardware and software technologies to address the issues raised by C++. Java allows inexperienced users to write high quality code. It incorporates user interface directly in the language. Java and Object-Oriented technology are a major paradigm shift. This course aims to introduce some advanced topics of java to enable the students to appreciate the power of these technologies. This course exposes the student to Advanced Java features such as Network Programming, Servlet Programming, the Java Database Connectivity, Remote Method Invocation, and Swing.

Unit 1 gives you a quick introduction to Java programming. It tells you what Java is and provides you with an opportunity to compile and run some simple Java programs. The unit gives you the background knowledge you need to understand how the advanced java programs work. Unit 2 gives an introduction to java GUI programming. Applets, AWT and Swings are covered by this unit. Unit 3 covers the networking and connectivity topics of java such as Networking, RMI, JDBC and Servlets. This course gives you an introduction to all the basic and advanced topics of Java. Each of these topics, by them selves are large enough to become an independent course. Students are encouraged to explore each of these interesting topics in much more detail.



The Java programming language originated as part of a research project to develop advanced software for a wide variety of network devices and embedded systems. The goal was to develop a small, reliable, portable, distributed, real-time operating platform. When the project started, C++ was the language of choice. But over time the difficulties encountered with C++ grew to the point where the problems could best be addressed by creating an entirely new language platform. Design and architecture decisions drew from a variety of languages such as Eiffel, SmallTalk, Objective C, and Cedar/Mesa. The result is a language platform that has proven ideal for developing secure, distributed, network-based end-user applications in environments ranging from network-embedded devices to the World-Wide Web and the desktop. The Java programming language is designed to meet the challenges of application development in the context of heterogeneous, network-wide distributed environments. Java technology is both a programming language and a platform.


What is Java? What are the features of Java Java Language Syntax Object Oriented Features of Java What are Exceptions? Java Input/Output Multithreading

In this unit you will learn




The Java Programming Language

The Java programming language is a high-level language that can be characterized by all of the following buzzwords:

Simple Object oriented Distributed Interpreted Robust Secure

Architecture neutral Portable High performance Multithreaded Dynamic

Simple, Object Oriented, and Familiar Primary characteristics of the Java programming language include a simple language that can be programmed without extensive programmer training. The Java programming language is designed to be object oriented from the ground up. The needs of distributed, client-server based systems coincide with the encapsulated, message-passing paradigms of object-based software. To function within increasingly complex, network-based

environments, programming systems must adopt object-oriented concepts. Java technology provides a clean and efficient object-based development platform. Java language has retained the familiar...
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