Advanced Cpt Coding Quiz Unit 1

Topics: Medical record, Physical examination, Medical history Pages: 6 (1339 words) Published: February 11, 2012
1.| Question :| Dr. Black admits a patient with an 8-day history of a low-grade fever, tachycardia, tachypnea, and basal consolidation of the lung and limited pleural effusion on the left side. An extensive past, family, and social history is taken as part of a comprehensive history. Bowel sounds are feeble. The pulse is rapid and thready. The comprehensive examination further indicates a jaundiced appearance with distention of the abdomen. There is a bluish discoloration of the flanks. The physician orders laboratory tests and radiographic studies, including an abdominal sonogram as he considers the extensive diagnostic options and the medical decision making complexity is high for this patient. Select correct ICD-9/CPT codes:|

 | Student Answer:| | 99233, 780.6, 785.0, 786.06, 481, 511.9, 787.5 |  | | | 99233, 780.6, 427.0, 786.06, 486, 511.9 |
 | | | 99223, 780.6, 785.0, 786.06, 481 |
 | | | 99223, 780.6, 785.0, 786.06, 481, 511.9, 787.5 | |

 2.| Question :| A new patient is admitted to the observation unit of the local hospital after a 10-foot fall from a ladder. The patient struck his head on the side of the garage as he fell into a hedge that somewhat broke his fall. He has significant bruising on the left side of his body and complains of a 5/10 pain under his left arm. A series of x-rays has been ordered in addition to an MRI. The physician completed a comprehensive history and physical examination. It was decided to admit the patient to observation based on some evidence that he may have hit the left side of his head during the fall. The medical decision making is moderately complex. The patient was discharged the following day.Select appropriate code:|

 | Student Answer:| | 99222 |
 | | | 99219 |
 | | | 99235 |
 | | | 99220 |

 3.| Question :| A new patient presents to the emergency department with an ankle sprain received when he fell while Rollerblading. The patient is in apparent pain, and the ankle has begun to swell. He is unable to flex the ankle. The patient reports that he did strike his head on the sidewalk as a result of the fall. The physician completes an expanded problem focused history and examination. The medical decision making complexity is low.Choose correct code:|

 | Student Answer:| | 99232 |
 | | | 99282 |
 | | | 99202 |
 | | | 99284 |

 4.| Question :| A new patient is seen in the office with complaints of a fever, chills, and difficulty breathing. The patient states that he has not been well for several weeks now and has progressively gotten weaker. He has not been able to work for the past week and before that was frequently absent from work over the course of 2 weeks. He is uncertain how long fever has been present but believes that it has been approximately 4 days. He does not have a thermometer at home and does not know what his temperature has been. He has been sleeping in a living room recliner because when he lies down, he has increased difficulty breathing. The detailed history and examination centered on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The upper respiratory findings included conjunctival injection, nasal discharge, and pharyngeal erythema. A rapid test pack was used to diagnose the viral infection. Chest x-ray showed patchy bilateral infiltrates. The physician diagnosed the patient with influenza A. The medical ecision making complexity was low.Select correct code:|

 | Student Answer:| | 99203 |
 | | | 99213 |
 | | | 99205 |
 | | | 99215 |

 5.| Question :| Dr. Martin admits a 65-year-old patient to the hospital with acute pericarditis following a severe viral infection. The patient has complained of retrosternal, sharp, intermittent pain of 2 days' duration that is reduced by sitting up and leaning forward, accompanied by tachypnea. The physician completes a comprehensive history and...
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