Advanced Algebra

Topics: Trigonometric functions, Trigonometry, Polynomial Pages: 10 (3241 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Time Frame| Objectives| Topics/ Content| Concept/s| Competencies| Teaching Strategy| Values| List of Activities| Materials| Evaluation| References| First Quarter| -Define functions and give examples that depict functions-Differentiate a function and a relation-Express functional relationship in terms of symbols y=f(x)-Evaluate a function using the value of x.| Chapter 1Functions and GraphsFunctions and Function Notations| The equation y=f(x) is commonly used to denote functional relationship between two variables x and y.| DefiningDifferentiatingEvaluating| ExpositionDiscussion| Encourage harmonious relationships in their classroom| Board ExercisesSeatworkGroupingsTreasure HuntingPasaNotebook “The Mathematician” Account in FB.Problem SolvingGames“Math-inooot”Role PlayingSinging of Math ConceptsTutorial| Scientific CalculatorGraphing PaperGraphing BoardProtractorVisual Aids Overhead ProjectorLCD ProjectorLaptopMath BooksWorkbooks| SeatworkBoardworkDrillGroup Activity Individual ActivityLong TestUnit TestQuarterly ExamRecitationSinging of Math Concepts| Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics (Functional Approach)by Soledad Jose-Dilao, Ed. D.,Fernando B. Orines andJulieta G. BernabeAdvanced Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics(Patterns and Practicalities)By Minie Rose C. Lapinid,Olivia N. Buzon, and Gladys C. NiveraAdvanced Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics(Based on Basic Education Curriculum)By Amando A. Sarmiento and Romeo L. Villar| | -Graph a function using a table of values-Use the vertical line test in identifying functions-Graph a given function and determine its domain and range| The Graph of a Function| A graph in the rectangular coordinate plane represents a function y=f(x) provided that any vertical line intersects the graph in at most one point.| Graphing a function| DemonstrationDiscussion| Self-discipline| | | | | | -Determine increasing and decreasing function-Determine the local maximum and the local minimum of a function-Determine whether the function is even, odd or neither| Characteristics of a Function| The graph of an increasing function rises from left to right while the graph of a decreasing function falls from left to right.| Determining the characteristics of a function| ExpositionDiscussion| PrecisionAccuracy| | | | | | -Identify the six basic functions-Visualize a graph given an expression of a function-Sketch the graph of functions in coordinate plane using vertical and horizontal shifts, compression and stretches-Observe the “spread” of a number of functions and reflections about x and y axis| Techniques in Graphing-Vertical and Horizontal Shifts-Compressions and Stretches-Reflections about the X-axis or the Y-Axis| The six basic functions are:-the constant function-the identity function-the absolute value function-the square root function-the squaring function-the cubing function| VisualizingIdentifyingSketchingObserving| ExpositionDiscussionDiscovery| OrderlinessAccuracyLogical thinkingDiligencePrecision| | | | | | -Demonstrate understanding of operations on functions -Perform operations on functions and on composite functions-Manifest understanding of composite functions| Operations on functionsComposition of Functions| If f and h are functions:The sum f+h id defined as (f+h)x=f(x)+h(x)The difference f-h is defined as (f-h)x=f(x)-h(x)The product f•h is defined as (f•h)x=f(x)•h(x)The quotient f/h is defined as (f/h)x=f(x)/h(x);h(x)≠0.| DemonstratingPerforming OperationsManifesting| ExpositionPractice| PrecisionAccuracyOrderliness| | | | | | -Define linear functions-Manifest understanding of the slope of a line-Gain skill in finding the slope of a line| Chapter 2Linear and Quadratic FunctionsLinear Functions Defined: Slope of a Line| A linear function is a function of the form f(x)=mx+b where m and b are real numbers. The graph of the linear function f is a line with slope m and y-intercept b.| DefiningFinding...
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