Advance Security Measures

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Rathipally Santosh kumar
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M.R.Aditya Pranav kumar
III/IV B.Tech. (cse)


Wireless local area networks (wireless LANs, or WLANs) are metamorphosing the landscape of computer networking. The use of mobile computing devices, such as laptops and personal digital assistants, coupled with the demand for continual network connections without having to "plug in," are driving the adoption of enterprise WLANs. Network managers are using WLANs to facilitate network moves, add-ons and changes. In addition, the inherent flexibility of WLANs overcomes limitations created by older buildings, leased spaces, or temporary work areas.

This paper not only furnishes the details about Wireless LANs but also bestows an abundant number of methods in which the security of these WLANs can be breached. It also contributes a myriad number of ways in which one can thwart the potential assault on the WLANs network.


Wireless LAN, Security, Hacking, Access points.


High-speed wireless LANs can provide the benefits of network connectivity without the restrictions of being tied to a location or tethered by wires. Wireless connections can extend or replace a wired infrastructure in situations where it is costly or prohibitive to lay cables. Portable access to wireless networks can be achieved using laptop computers and wireless NICs. This enables the user to travel to various locations and still have access to their networked data. Without wireless access, the user would have to carry clumsy cabling and find a network tap to plug into. For businesses, wireless networks give more mobility and flexibility by allowing employees to stay connected to the Internet and to the network as they roam. Beyond the corporate campus, access to the Internet and even corporate sites could be made available through public wireless “hot spots.” networks. Airports, restaurants, rail stations, and common areas throughout cities can be provisioned to provide this service.


The IEEE has produced the series of standards referred to as 802.X, which encompassed LANs, MANs and PANs. The IEEE 802 is confined to standardizing processes and procedures that take place in the bottom two layers of the OSI Reference Model - The Media Access Control (MAC) or link layer and the Physical layer. The committee of IEEE 802 standards is currently divided up into working groups numbered 802.1 through 802.17. The figure shows how the 802.1x wireless security process is supposed to work. The original standard, which is currently used to set up Wireless Networks, is the IEEE 802.11 standard. Nowadays, there are four types of Wireless networks, ranging from slow and inexpensive to fast and expensive. They are: WECA (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance) -WI-Fi, Bluetooth, IrDA (Infrared Direct Access) and HomeRF.


As with other networks, security for WLANs focuses on access control and privacy. Robust WLAN access control prevents unauthorized users from communicating through access points, the WLAN endpoints on the Ethernet network that link WLAN clients to the network. Strong WLAN access control ensures that legitimate clients associate with trusted, rather than "rogue" access points. WLAN privacy ensures that only the intended audience understands the transmitted data. The privacy of transmitted WLAN data is protected only when that data is encrypted with a key that can be used only by the intended recipient of the data....

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