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Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Balance sheet, Inventory Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: March 17, 2013
 A firm has net working capital of $640. Long-term debt is $4,180, total assets are $6,230, and fixed assets are $3,910. What is the amount of the total liabilities? A. $2,050B. $2,690C. $4,130D. $5,590E. $5,860 Suppose you are given the following information for Bayside Bakery: sales = $30,000; costs = $15,000; addition to retained earnings = $4,221; dividends paid = $469; interest expense = $1,300; tax rate = 30 percent. What is the amount of the depreciation expense? A. $4,820B. $5,500C. $7,000D. $8,180E. $9,500 The tax rate is equal to total taxes divide by total taxable income A. Deductible B. Residual C. Total D. Average Four years ago, Velvet Purses purchased a mailing machine at a cost of $176,000. This equipment is currently valued at $64,500 on today's balance sheet but could actually be sold for $58,900. This is the only fixed asset the firm owns. Net working capital is $57,200 and long-term debt is $111,300. What is the book value of shareholders' equity? A. $4,800B. $7,700C. $10,400D. $222,600E. $233,0003.  What is the taxable income for 2009? A. $1,051.00B. $1,367.78C. $1,592.42D. $2,776.41E. $3,091.18

The higher the degree of financial leverage employed by a firm, the: A. higher the probability that the firm will encounter financial distress.B. lower the amount of debt incurred.C. less debt a firm has per dollar of total assets.D. higher the number of outstanding shares of stock.E. lower the balance in accounts payable.  Which one of the following is NOT included in cash flow from assets? A. accounts payableB. inventoryC. salesD. interest expenseE. cash account  Your firm has total assets of $4,900, fixed assets of $3,200, long-term debt of $2,900, and short-term debt of $1,400. What is the amount of net working capital? A. -$100B. $300C. $600D. $1,700E. $1,800 Jensen Enterprises paid $1,300 in dividends and $920 in interest this past year. Common stock increased by $1,200 and retained earnings decreased by $310. What is the net income...
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