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Advaiya’s Core and Leadership Competencies provide a foundation for performance dialogues. The competencies are aligned to nine attributes that have been identified to help Advaiya team members succeed. This document provides a framework for incorporating these attributes into the performance management process by giving examples of the kinds of actions associated to each attribute.

This document can be used at the Planning, Checkpoint and Summary phases of the Performance Management process to; 1) facilitate discussions surrounding attributes necessary for success; 2) as a pre-assessment tool to identify an employee’s strengths as well as areas needing improvement; and 3) to provide the basis for training and career planning.

Please keep in mind that:
1  Employees, supervisors, and/or key work partners can use this document to understand a person’s strengths and areas needing improvement 2  An individual does not need to demonstrate mastery for each competency to be successful, rather success is typically the result of being skilled in attributes that are critical to goal attainment 3  Certain listed attributes may only apply to senior management as opposed to individual contributors – each item is marked accordingly 4  The examples of each competency should only serve as guidance when evaluating an individual’s competency level

Competency | Examples | Rating |
Achieves Results | * Sets Realistic Expectations and Goals * Establishes clear roles and responsibilities (Managers) * Prioritizes, organizes, and coordinates work activities to complete work efficiently (IC & Managers) * Delegates well and actively balances the workloads of employees(Managers) * Flexible and redirects work as priorities shift (IC & Managers) * Sets and achieves realistic stretch goals and is driven to, and does exceed expectations (IC & Managers) * Provides Feedback Consistently * Provides encouragement and development guidance (Managers) * Sets priorities and keeps employees and clients focused on the most critical goals and objectives (IC & Managers) * Monitors progress in a quantitative and qualitative manner (Managers) * Holds employees accountable for results and quickly addresses underperformers (Managers) * Meets Goals * Constantly seeks and implements new and better ways to achieve results. o Identifies and seizes new business opportunities (IC & Managers) * Develops satisfied and loyal external and internal customers (IC & Managers) * Achieves financial goals by driving revenues and optimizing costs (IC & Managers) | 4 = high 1 = low | Communicates with Impact | * Communicates with purpose team goals and well-conceived strategies * Communicates clear long term, big picture view goals and strategies (IC & Managers) * Finds an effective balance between communicating long and short term goals (IC & Managers) * Engages the audience and shares information in a manner they comprehend * Speaks clearly and actively listens in group and one-on-one interactions (IC & Managers) | Enhances the Groups Reputation | * Creates a Unified Team * Can rally the team or client around a vision or project and get buy-in and alignment (IC & Managers) * Encourages and rewards team efforts and results – celebrates and socializes team wins (IC & Managers) * Improves Quality of Work * Coaches and encourages ownership, risk taking, and innovation to maximize value to the customer (Managers) * Challenges the team to be the best they can be and holds self and others responsible for personal actions (IC & Managers) * Demonstrates Advaiya’s Expertise in the Marketplace * Stays current of industry developments and understands the competitive and economic environment in which...
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