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Topics: Social responsibility, Human rights, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: October 24, 2014
Corporate social responsibility is a business philosophy gaining popularity in the 21st century. By taking social and environmental responsibility for their actions, some business are attempting to reduce environmental damage, human rights violations, and bad publicity created by their practices. In addition to contributing to social welfare, the advantages of corporate social responsibility may extend into the business realm as well. Since most companies are primarily concerned with turning a profit, it is important to understand the potential for business advantages of social responsibility.

One of the most important advantages of corporate social responsibility is the protection it provides against lawsuits and sanctions. Companies found in violation of environmental standards, for instance, may be subject to enormous fines that cut deeply into profit margins. Reducing wasted energy and pollution through retrofitting and use of alternative energy can not only help cut down on lawsuits and fines, but may help cut operating costs by reducing the amount spent on traditional utilities. Personal Satisfaction

One of the biggest advantages of having social responsibility is that it gives a person a feeling of satisfaction in knowing that he is helping society. The realization that someone, as just one individual, can make a difference is also something that will encourage him to continue helping society. It will also give an individual confidence in striving to achieve more and put forward his own ideas -- rather than only answering to the requests of others.

Gaining a Good Reputation
Helping others will give a person a good reputation in a community. This good reputation will also make it easier for an individual to use her good name to push forward additional good work. This individual's opinion will be sought within a community. Once a person has proved herself to be a socially responsible person, she will be given opportunities to become more involved in...

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Being Taken for Granted
When people think of putting social responsibility into practice, they will often be encouraged by others. Problems will arise when an individual, who puts in a lot of time and effort, becomes taken for granted. Once that individual feels that his efforts are not being fairly recognized, then the motivation to carry on will sometimes be eroded. It 's important that people who do take on a lot of social responsibility are made to feel appreciated for their work.
Too Much Responsibility
Sometimes an individual will be so competent at handling social responsibility that she will be given too much. This will become draining for some individuals, or it will make some begin to feel that they are more powerful than they actually are. If a person isn 't ready for too much responsibility, then she is also more likely to make mistakes. For someone who has built up a good reputation in a community, a negative change in fortunes will be devastating.
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