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Flying 25,000 feet above ground and looking at the world from a different angle, I have always liked traveling. My family and I used to travel at least once a year but we stopped doing so once we moved to Hawaii due to financial issues. However, my mom finally saved up enough money for my grandma, my friend and I to go on a trip together to Taiwan. It felt like a dream come true because I was finally able to go on a trip and to make it even better, with my friend. Although we were all very excited, I was very scared of the language barrier. My grandma can’t read or write and my friend can’t speak Chinese, so I was the only one that could understand everything. Through this eventful experience, I gained a lot of experience and it marked my journey into the real adult world.
I had to plan all the activities that we were doing, such as getting us to the right gate at the airport, planning the places we went to, ordering the food at the restaurants, and the figuring out the transportation. It was the first time that someone was relying on me instead of me relying on others. I learned to become independent since I felt like I had the responsibility to take care of everyone. It was scary knowing that we could get lost if I didn’t memorize the street names and the routes that we took so I became alerted at all time. I also had to do all the communicating while we were there, such as at restaurants and at the stores. I started to understand the feeling of being a leader and what it feels like to have people relying on you. I was eager to experience the leadership but yet I felt unprepared at the same time.
I also developed a sense of responsibility through the trip; I was the “mother” of the group even though I wasn’t the oldest. I felt like I was in charge of taking care of both my grandma and my friend since I understood the most. When we went shopping, I would look out for my grandma and my friend because I was scared that they would get lost, especially my friend,

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