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Steven Norfleet
October 3, 2014
Instructor: Dr. M. Colson
English 103 Argumentation and Research
Topic: Sexual Behavior (Baseline Assignment 1)

Sexual Behavior
In recent discussions of extra marital sex, there has been a controversial issue on whether adultery is ethically moral or immoral. According to Philosopher Richard Wasserstrom, the author of the article “Is Adultery Wrong?” emphasizes that there are far worst thing than adultery, cheating, and breaking a promise to your spouse. In his work, Wasserstrom first incorporated that adultery is immoral but in what aspect or condition of sexual behavior falls within morality? In other words, what are the boundaries that draw the lines between moral and immorality? In this paper, I will analyze the debate on sexual behaviors in regards to adultery.

Philosopher Bonnie Steinbock has stated that “adultery is wrong because it involves deception and promise breaking”. She focuses on the logistical concepts that having a sexual affair with 3rd party members violates the ideal goal of marriage. This affair also requires an abundant amount of time and concentration; meaning neglect to one’s spouse, children, as well as one’s work. From her point of view, I see that she has a strong since of awareness about open marriages through her explanation of the indifferences between men and woman. Adultery to Steinbock is more or less a “private matter” (pg. 207-208, What’s Wrong?).

Homosexuality is defined as those that are sexually attracted to the same sex. In the court of law, gay sex doesn’t constitute to adultery. Homosexual acts can be described as consensual sexual activities between adults of the same sex. I honestly thought that adultery, gay or not gay, was when a married person goes to have a sexual affair with one who isn’t married. As research has proved that if a women has another sexual affair with another woman; it’s just two consenting adults with a homosexual relationship. Gay rights are recently being viewed as in the gray area, as there are many states that would not allow approval for divorce in cases of adultery with same sex legality matters due to the fact that they are not yet officially recognized (

Steinbock’s strong views of the demand for fidelity as an ideal are very commendable because I do agree with her that “people do fall in love with others and out of love with their spouses.” I see marriage as a commitment to constantly make sacrifices for one another. Steinbock disquisition about abandoning one’s spouse, whether to a career or to another person, are seen as a kind of betrayal to the spouse with reciprocal restraints. One must make time in order for a love relationship to build and last, although sexual tendencies may be a huge role in bonding or the breaking of a current marriage.

On the other hand, people may argue that not all faithful marriages are good. Professor of Philosophy, Don Marquis, has quoted “Almost everyone of a certain age group has friends who, they know, have committed adultery and who are not bad people” (pg. 212, What’s Wrong). Marquis’s perspective about adulterers is very reasonable and clearly can be acknowledged by a wide range of philosophers. He stated that “a sexual relationship not involving love would not be wrong on the virtue ethics analysis.” Marquis claims that careers, hobbies, along with extra-curricular activities involving kids can often interfere with optimizing the love relationship. He pointed out that two people can enjoy friendship and add sex in between professional conferences; Imagine two good friends with benefits who both can’t imagine being married to each other, which in my own opinion are all possible occurrences.

When adultery is wrong, as Wasserstrom would put it, “it is a serious wrong.” At this day and age, when two people agree to get married they’re planning to arrange a legal binding contract to making a life-long...

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