Adult Wais Report

Topics: Cognition, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Psychology Pages: 16 (1969 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Interpretive Report of WAIS—IV Testing
Examinee and Testing Information

Examinee Name
Francisco R Violante
Date of Report
Examinee ID

Date of Birth
Home Language
Examiner Name
Carmen Adriana Torres

Test Administered WAIS—IV (11/28/2012)​ Age at Testing 49 years 9 months ​Retest? No
WAIS—IV Comments

Score Summary
Verbal Comprehension
Perceptual Reasoning
Working Memory
Processing Speed
Full Scale

Purpose for Evaluation
Francisco agreed to participate in this evaluation with the purpose of allowing a graduate student the opportunity of practice administration of these type of examinations and provide the student with necessary experience in testes administration.

Francisco is a 49-year-old married Hispanic male who lives with his spouse and has been for the past 24 years and 7 months. He has 3 children.
Francisco achieved a degree of Medical Doctor.

According to Francisco, he hasn’t been diagnosed with any type of mental dysfunction, either psychiatric or traumatic. He has, however been diagnosed with hypertension.
For the past 26 years Francisco has been employed full-time (morning shift) as a gastrointestinal surgeon in the State Department Hospital (IMSS) located in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He is part of the American Surgical Association (ACS) Fellows. He has also been employed full-time (night shift) on a Health Department Hospital, and has his private practice active in the afternoons. He is also a member of the Mexican Association of Surgeons. It is reported that his work performance and ethics are exemplary.

Test Session Behavior
Francisco arrived on time for the test session unaccompanied. Francisco is very healthy, and he has worked out every morning for the past 30 years so his appearance was healthy and neat. He was oriented to person, place, time and situation. Francisco exhibited no notable motor difficulties during testing. Visual problems due to age are present but corrected with glasses. Francisco has never reported auditory problems of any kind. His first language is Spanish, but he’s fluent in English given his advanced degree of scholarity and academic achievements. Francisco seemed attentive and concentrated as well as motivated at the beginning of the testing session. Towards the end, however, he experienced a bit of anxiety because of the lengthy characteristic of the examination. A short break was provided, which seem to relieve the anxiety to some extent. Francisco mentioned that he wasn’t as fast as he used to be due to age.

Interpretation of WAIS—IV Results

General Intellectual Ability
Francisco performed much better on both the verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning task than on the working memory and processing speed of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale—Fourth Edition (WAIS—IV). Francisco’s age had an influence on his ability to perform during the working memory and processing speed tasks. Francisco’s general cognitive ability, therefore, is best estimated by his performance on verbal and reasoning tasks. His verbal reasoning ability is high average range and above that of approximately 88% of his peers (VCI = 118; 95% confidence interval = 112-123). His perceptual reasoning ability is also high average range and above that of approximately 94% of his peers (VCI = 123; 95% confidence interval = 116-128).

Verbal Comprehension
Francisco’s verbal reasoning abilities as measured by the Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI) are in the high average range and above those of approximately 88% of his peers (VCI = 118; 95% confidence interval = 112-123). The VCI is designed to measure verbal reasoning and concept formation. Francisco performed comparably on the verbal subtests contributing to the VCI, suggesting that the various verbal cognitive abilities measured by...
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