Adult In Despair in The Tyger

Topics: The Tyger, The Lamb, Poetry by William Blake Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Adult Living in Despair
William Blake was a first generation Romantic poet, along with Samuel Coleridge and Charles Woodsworth. Each poet had an archetype which meant they had some form of Byronic hero within them and wanted to find a way to escape their bodies. Blake focused on the social rebel. He believed governments and institutions were corrupt and all the people had a right to fight against them. He was more than just a poet, he was also an illustrator. He wanted to combine pictures and words together. Through some of Blake’s work he wanted to show what despair was really about. Even though several of his poems were focused around children and how they should think, some could be interpreted through an adult point of view. In his poem The Tyger he portrays a tiger in place of what he really wants readers to see; a jaded, hopeless adult. Why was this person created in such an evil way? The poem starts with the repetition of the name “Tyger Tyger”, (1) which creates a chant-like beginning making it sound mysterious from the start. “Burning bright” (1) could be described for the appearance of the tiger because of their orange fur but holds a deeper meaning describing what the person is feeling inside mentally. He is burning with hopelessness and anger. The Tyger being “in the forests of the night” (2) shows the mysteriousness and power of him even more. Forests are always connected with fear, danger, and the unknown. The poem asks how such a creature was created. What “immortal hand or eye” (3) could have created someone to be like this? It is believed God is part light and darkness due to the fact for creating such good people in the world but also putting others into it that give no help to society. Not only are we concerned with what made him but where was he made. What “distant deeps or skies”, (5) pertaining to Hell as the deeps and Heaven as the skies, was he made? He puts “distant” in there showing the reader that he was created somewhere...
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