Adrenaline Air Sports

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Strategic Analysis: Adrenaline Air Sports

Adrenaline Air Sports is a sky diving company that started only a few years ago. While it is dealing with internal and external factors that are restraining it from its greatest potential, Adrenaline Air Sports must navigate through its problems and outweigh its competitors. Sky diving is a sport that must be done in an area away from normal population. Adrenaline Air Sports is located in Jonesville, North Carolina, a small resort town that gets about 10,000 new visitors per week during the high season. The greatest percentage of first time customers is college students, just like the town of Blacksburg, with a population of 40,000 people plus about 25,000 enrolled college students. Greensboro, North Carolina is about 80 miles South of Jonesville and most of the students don’t return for a second dive because of the cost. Only 3 percent of the skydivers return to stay in the sport. Since first time divers have the highest margin, it’s important to get these divers to stay in the sport.

There are two main competitors for AAS in the same area about 120 miles Northeast of Jonesville that must compete for the population in Roanoke. These two companies are more advantaged because they offer more availability, larger and faster planes, and charger more in fees. They are both open year round on the weekends and are open at least 4 days during the high season. AAS only has two competitors to beat, which is a plus, considering their strengths. But the scenery that AAS has to offer is more beautiful than the scenery of the other two companies.

Internal factors that affect AAS is employee schedules. Most of the employees for AAS are part-time workers, including the owner, Bill Cockrell. Bill and is employees are only available to work the weekends they are scheduled to work during the open season. Bill works another job and the earliest he can be at AAS is at 7pm on Fridays. There is only one cameraman, which means only one...
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