Adr - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Topics: Dispute resolution, Mediation, Alternative dispute resolution Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: December 11, 2010
ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution
ADR is an assortment of systems in which conflicts can be resolved without litigation and the courts. Types of alternative dispute resolution are arbitration, mediation, and negotiations. Without the litigation process, alternative methods provide fast and efficient results without the high cost and long litigations (Cheeseman R. Henry). Learning Team Dispute

Conflicts, disputes, or disagreements among team members will be initially settle and handle through proper communication and negotiation between team members. ADR will be exclusive for those disputes and problems that can not be resolve in a timely manner and are affecting the team to achieve goals and deliver their projects. Some conflicts are necessary to bring new perspectives and different points of view among a diverse group of people. They enhance positive productivity, responsiveness, and effectiveness in achieving goals. Disagreements that are subject to an alternative dispute clause • Violation of conduct code.

• Lack of participation.
• Minimum communication.
• Poor performance.
• Negative attitude toward the team.
• Late delivery of assignments that can affect the team members. Type of Alternative Dispute Resolution for Learning Team
This type of ADR will be used to resolve disagreements among the learning team members during the length of this course, and will be suitable for use by any learning team in any course of the program. Mediation

This method involves an attempt by the team members to resolve the dispute with the help of a neutral third party; in this case the mediator will be the instructor. The instructor’s role will be advisory, he or she may offer suggestions but the resolution will be made by the team members themselves. Mediation proceedings will be confidential and private. The team members will be in control of the outcome for the settlement of the dispute. In mediation, the third neutral party is involved to help...
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