Adoption vs Abortion

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Adoption versus Abortion
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Within this paper, our learning team will conduct a debate between two topics with very different opposing viewpoints: adoption versus abortion. We will provide questions and answers in regard to whether or not a woman should have an abortion or put up the woman’s baby for adoption. We will provide similarities between adoption and abortion. In addition, we will give differences between adoption and abortion. We will discuss the various religious beliefs between adoption and abortion. The negative psychological effects of adopted and unwanted children will be discussed. In addition, we will determine if abortion is a good option for some women. Many children are on waiting lists for perspective parents, and some of these children wait a long time to acquire adoptive parents. We will also provide statistics on the percentage of children who are abused by adoptive parents.

Debate Topic: Adoption versus Abortion
When making the decision to place a child up for adoption or to have an abortion there are many items to consider. When weighing the pros and cons; there are many more benefits with adoption than abortion. Adoption gives a child a stable home when the birth mother feels she cannot provide such a thing. Adoption gives those who cannot have children or who want more children, the chance to be loving parents. While providing adults with a child, it is also providing the child with a loving, stable, and family environment. Different kinds of adoption that can be done: important for the birth mother, and the adopting parents to be comfortable in his or her decision. Closed adoption in which the birth mother never sees the baby and has no contact throughout his or her lives. Open adoption is a good way for the birth mother to keep updated with the child. The adoptive parents can allow visitations or send pictures throughout the child’s life. Kinship adoption here a family member adopts and raises the child. This provides even more contact between the birth mother and child (Sex,etc.2010). Adoption gives birth mothers another option than abortion. Bringing a child into this world and allowing a loving family to raise the child is what every mother who cannot provide should do. When adopted children are older, they can decide whether or not to seek their biological parents and if the biological parents will accept them being found is always a chance the child takes. This allows the child to accept why his or her biological parents did put them up for adoption and gives him or her closure if needed. When deciding whether to have a child who will be put up for adoption or acquiring an abortion is important to remember to weigh pro and cons. Whereas abortion allows the mother freedom so does adoption. Whereas abortion allows teens to grow up so does adoption. Adoption is cost free ,and sometimes the adoptive parents provide income for the mother until the baby is born and abortion can range from $500 - $2000 depending on how far along the pregnancy is (American Adoptions, 2009). A biggest con to abortion is not being able to see the child develop, which is possible when having an open adoption. Abortion may also cause depression afterwards. Some may have a difficult time getting over the fact a life was just taken because of irresponsibility and selfishness (American Adoptions, 2009). Adoption lessens those chances because knowing that the child is in good hands and receiving what the birth mother could not gives sense of relief and right doing. Adoption versus abortion is difficult for any woman who is not ready to be a mother, and the decision can be more traumatic for some than others. Being comfortable with the decision made and understanding all consequences will provide the best outcome for both the baby and the birth mother. For many people abortion is...
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