Adoption Speech

Topics: Adoption, Adoption, fostering, orphan care and displacement, Foster care Pages: 6 (1098 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Lindsey Fleming
Specific Goal Statement: To persuade and encourage the class to consider child adoption. I. Introduction
A. Are you aware that there are millions of children just in the U.S. that need loving families and a home? B. Locating information about an adoption in your family takes time. As an adoptee I have become increasingly aware how many children are in the system. C. We must understand that adopting a child is hard on both mother and child. But can also make it better for the mother or child. D. Today I’m going to take you through a basic step overview of the adoption process and the types of adoption. My hope is that by learning a little bit of what the adoption process can be like and how and where you can adopt, and by smashing this silly fear you may have, that you will be able to consider adoption with a new perspective and with an open mind. II. Body

A. There are ten steps to adoption that should be taken first. 1. Step one: learn about adoption.
A.Do your research and read up on as much as you can about adoption. Talk to anyone who has firsthand experience with adoption. 2. Step two: select an agency.

A.There are so many different adoption agency’s out there. Some specialize in baby adoption, others specialize in foster children or older children. There are local, national, or internal agencies to consider. 3. Step three: Complete a home study.

A. This involves a series of meetings that will take place between you and a representative or social worker from the agency of your choice. These meetings are to help prepare you for parenting. B. Before finalizing the report, be prepared to show certain documents such as: Birth certificates, marriage license, child abuse clearances, personal references 4. Step four: search for a child.

A.Your agency will help you search for a child, you can choose to be active in this search by viewing the waiting children or by viewing photo listings of children 5. Step five: Exchange information with child’s agency.

A. Once you have located a child your social worker and the child’s social worker will exchange information. B. They will then send your homestudy over and if the child’s social worker is interested in your family, than they may send you the child’s profile. 6. Step six: Learn that you’ve been selected for the child. A. You might not be the only family that was considered for the child. B. It is the child’s social worker who will ultimately make the final decision on which family can provide best for the child’s needs 7. Step seven: Meet and visit with the child.

A.You will meet with the child, followed by several more visits within the next few weeks or months. 8. Step eight: Receive a placement.
A. This is the time when the child with live in your home
B. A representative from the agency with visit with you for several months to supervise the post placement. 9. Step nine: Finalize your adoption.
A.You will legally have your adoption finalized by a judge at a court session and an amended birth certificate of the child will be issued to you as well as the certificate of adoption. 10. Step ten: Live as an adoptive family

A.After you’ve finalized the adoption you can continue to learn about adopting and being an adoptive parent and then when you’re ready you may decide you want to adopt again. B. There are two types of adoption available: domestic adoption, and international adoption. 1. Domestic adoption is the type available in the United States. Domestic adoption includes five different typed of ways to adopt: A. Closed adoption is where there is no identifying information about the birth family or the adoptive family. B. Open adoption is where some form of association between the birth family, adoptees, and adoptive parents is allowed. This can include picture sharing, phone calls, or face to face interaction. C. Agency adoption is where the process is arranged by a public...
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