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Adoption is better than Abortion

According to the daily beast all over the world over 40% of women get abortions. That’s about over 45,000,000 women who have had abortions. In order to understand why adoptions are better than abortions you first have to know why I think adoptionis better, why the birthparents put their child up for adoption, and why others may want to adopt.

First of all you need to know why I think adoption is better. Adoption is better because it gives the child a chance to live a full life. Abortion can lead to death of the mother. On top of the baby dying the mother getting the abortion could also die in the process. 47,000 women die each year from abortion. Women who have had three or more abortions before their first childbirth are nearly three times as likely to deliver prematurely, or to have a baby with low birthrate.

Second of all you need to know why some birthparents put their children up for adoption. Some parents cannot financially afford or provide for their babies causing them to put them up for adoption and hope that they get a good home. Another reason is that the birthmother feels she is too young to take care of the baby and its needs or they feel that the child would not have a great future with them so they feel they would be better off in adoption. Sometimes the birthparent doesn’t even want to give up their baby/kid but they have to because the government takes them away because they’re an unfit mother. Also the mother may just not want to have a baby at that period of her life or she just doesn’t want to have kids at all.

Last but not least you must know why some parents want to adopt. Some parents want to adopt because they cannot conceive one of their own. There are a lot of un-married single men/ women who don’t have a partner so they’d like to adopt. Additionally the adoptive parent who wants to adopt could be homosexual. There are other reasons some people would like to adopt, like, sometimes women don’t...
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