Adolf Hitler and Hitler S Career

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How did Hitler come to power?
The Munich Putsch

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By 1923 Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. With inflation running high, Hitler thought the time was ripe for his party to seize control in Germany. With a group of ex-soldiers, including a war time air ace Hermann Goring, and Field Marshall Ludendorff, the Nazis plotted to seize control of Munich, the capital of Bavaria, and then stage a march on Berlin. It was a disaster. The plotters had not planned things carefully enough and Hitler lost his nerve. He spent most of the crisis making speeches to his own supporters in a beer hall. When Ludendorff finally persuaded him to lead a march through the streets, the police fired on the marchers and Hitler and the Nazis ran away. Two days later Hitler was arrested. Hitler received a five year prison sentence for the Munich Putsch, but prison was very comfortable and he was let out after serving less than a year. He spent the time writing a book about his ideas - Mein Kampf. Hitler in Lansberg Prison

Why did people support Hitler?
Hitler promised people what they wanted
The Weimar Republic appeared to have no idea how to solve the problems of the Depression. The Nazis on the other hand promised to solve the problems. Hitler promised most groups in Germany what they wanted. Hitler used the Jews and other sections of society as scapegoats, blaming all the problems on them. To Germans at the time Hitler made sense, he united everyone by providing explanations for Germany's problems. People in Germany were tired of their poor quality of life. Hitler promised to make Germany proud again - it was exactly what people wanted to hear. Hitler pledged something for every part of Germany society:

Farmers Unemployed workers Middle Class

Higher prices for their produce - making up for all their losses during the Depression. Jobs building public works such as roads...
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