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Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant Pages: 3 (391 words) Published: February 26, 2014
There are not many similarities between Adolf Hitler and President Lincoln

But they both ran a country through a war, and were both hated by most members

Of the apposing side. Of course, Lincoln was a great man who fought to end slavery,

while Hitler tried to commit genocide. They both don’t have many similarities ,but

some of the things they did kind of linked to one another. Lincoln very much

apposed of slavery however Adolf Hitler on the other hand did not oppose it at all

he supported the slavery and had no problem with people having no rights or in

this case Jews having no rights.

President Abraham Lincoln was hated on because of the fact that he opposed

Slavery and wanted to abolish it. Most people didn’t like Lincoln at the time

Considering most politicians were Southerners at the time. Many people tried

to get rid of Lincoln considering the fact that he died by firearm, murder. Adolf

Hitler was also hated on not because he opposed slavery ,but because he had

Killed many Jews without a reason. Weather it’s putting them in concentration or

Killing them instantly he still had shown no mercy for Jews. He wanted to put them

Through torture and that’s one of the many reasons people had and still hate Adolf


Hitler had many people out who wanted to kill him ,but in this case it wasn’t
For Nothing. In this case there was actually a reason for killing him not like

President Lincolns case where they wanted to kill him because he supported a

Good cause. Not like Lincolns case where someone had shot him. Adolf Hitler had COMPARISON BETWEEN PRESIDENT LINCOLN AND ADOLF HITLER 3

committed suicide. There are not many similarities between the two of them ,but

Some of the things that had happen to them are very similar to each other and the

Way that people...
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