Adolescent Identity Development

Topics: Adolescence, Developmental psychology, Foster care Pages: 4 (1145 words) Published: September 4, 2010
Adolescent Identity Development
Brandi Gibson
September 5, 2010
Nicole Hudson

Self-structure is what defines the term, identity. Identity is made of what drives an individual, the abilities they have, what they believe, and their personal history (Marcia, 1980). Identity is one of the main struggles in an adolescents’ life.  It is very important that children receive the proper guidance while entering their adolescence from their parents and peers. Although they like to believe that they are capable of developing on their own, adolescents need parental guidance to develop their path of identity development.  The relationship between a child and a parent plays an important role with an adolescent and his or her decisions about sex. Adolescents should establish a healthy (Chapman, Werner-Wilson 2008). Although sexual behavior is becoming an accepted act in the age of adolescence, parents should still talk to their children about the consequences of such actions. Parental involvement and positive youth development (PYD) will reflect on an adolescent’s decision on sexual behavior.  However there are counter arguments to the parents being the only factor to adolescent identity development. According to James Marcia, identity development involves two steps. He hypothesizes that an adolescent must detach himself or herself from the way they were raised to believe by their parents as a child and develop their own beliefs and explore other ideas for their identity. Secondly, the adolescent must stick with that one particular way of thinking as they enter adulthood. [pic]

The above chart shows the amount of pregnancies in adolescent women per 1000 women each year. This chart was drawn together to show how positive youth development impacts an adolescent’s decision to be sexually active. Here, one can see that in the 1990s, either adolescents did not participate in activities as...

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