Adolescence: the Stage of Psychosocial Development

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Ageing Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Michael Smith
Adolescence and Adulthood
April 24, 2011
Nancy Ault

The stage of psychosocial development during adolescence can be called identity-versus-role-confusion stage, or for short identity stage. In this stage the adolescent is searching for their place in society and figuring out how they belong. This stage is pivotal in psychosocial development and it prepares the adolescent for future development and personal relationships. The earliest I can remember discovering my own role and personal traits would have to be the start of sixth grade. I was starting a new school and I really did not know anybody. At first I had a hard time fitting in and I felt like I could not discover my niche. I soon discovered my personal traits as being the funny guy everyone wanted to be around. I was always making jokes and was the life of the party. Even though I was always having a good time I did have other personal traits that drove me to be the best in everything I did. I wanted to be accomplishing anything I tried. As I continued to develop these personal traits I also discovered which parent I received this traits from. Looking back on it I was amazed at how much I acted like my mother or father in certain situations. While discovering identity and personal traits peer pressure can usually rear its ugly head. I was tempted a lot by the wrong crowd growing up through middle school, especially in seventh and eighth grade. A few times I gave into the peer pressure and found myself in a mess. The peer pressure started at first mild and in some instances it was extreme. The mild cases involved taking the role as the class clown and making the learning environment fun and the most extreme cases involved drugs and other illegal behavior. The times I did cave into the peer pressure I can gladly say that they were mild cases. I am glad that I didn’t cave into the pressures of committing illegal activities. Of course times have changed...
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