Adolescence and Family Education

Topics: Family, Adolescence, Extended family Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: November 19, 2011
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Answer the following questions in about 1500 words.
i) Explain the meaning, nature and definition of Adolescence ii) Explain the factors responsible for charge in Indian family system. iii) You as a teacher must have carried out activities in class-room under value base interventions for adolescent and family health. Prepare a report on the activities carried out by you.

* Explain the meaning, nature and definition of Adolescence INTRODUCTION: - Growing up is a natural process being at different states of their development. The biological equipment with which we enter the world and environmental forces, which exert serve to shape individuality. Out of different stages of life, which we living beings go through, one such stage is adolescence. Adolescence is the period of transition from child-hood to adulthood. It is the most crucial and significant period of individual’s life. It is the period of rapid changes in the individual’s physical, mental, moral, spiritual, sexual and social outlook. It is generally thought to begin with the outset of puberty and it is also termed as period of learning, development, new dimension and also period of anxieties and complexity. Except in rare cases of severe biological abnormality, boys and girls achieve sexual maturity early in adolescence and physical maturity by the end of it. The real problem of adolescent lies in the area of social, emotional, moral and economic maturity. Etymologically the team adolescence comes from the Latin word ‘adolescence’ which means to grow or to grow to maturity. If emerges from later childhood stage and merges into adulthood during which the child develops into a man or woman. To know if an individual has attended the age of adolescence, one must have direct observation of individual and growth, can also have genetic cases, we can also take attitude scales, on which adolescents to rate their reaction. We can...
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